Why Are We the Best Roof Cleaners in South Florida?


With over 10 years of experience in South Florida, we know the best ways to service each property. Although it was not an easy process and required some trial and error, we have refined our process and are now ready to provide quality service to every client.


Elite Roof Cleaning understands how important their clients' property is. Many people have spent their whole lives working to buy their dream home. As a result, they take great pride in their home. We offer top-quality service and treat every home as if they were our own.

Our customers often receive instructions from their homeowner's association to have exterior cleaning done on the house. This can sometimes be very urgent. Although we wouldn't speak negatively about competitors, we recommend you be careful when selecting a company to clean your home.

ERC Roof Cleaning does not rush or cut corners. As a result, every client is happy with our quality services.


What Our Client Says