Why Choose Elite Roof Cleaning?

We have over 10 years of experience servicing clients with the best roof cleaners in South Florida and know what measures to take at each property. While it wasn't an easy process and did require some trial and error, we have perfected our process. We are ready to continue providing quality exterior cleaning service to each client.

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Servicing in Palm Beach County, Martin County

At Elite Roof Cleaning, we offer a safe chemical roof cleaning method for your roof without high-pressure machines. In the past, the only process in place to clean roofs was a high-pressure water cleaning. While the chemical roof cleaning method effectively cleans your roof, there are downsides to it. But, our process is safe for your roof and provides a deep clean that will stay clean longer. If you want to get more information about Elite Roof Cleaning, Read our blogs.

  • Residential Roof Cleaning
  • Soft Wash Chemical Roof Cleaning
  • Mildew Preventative
  • Landscaping Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Over 10 Years Experience
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ERC delivers great value backed by excellent service. We offer roof cleaning services in Palm Beach County. So relax, and leave the "dirty" work to us.